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Our Provided Services

Annual Medication Reviews

A comprehensive medication review gives us an opportunity every year to look at your complete medication profile to identify any medication related problems, create a list of those medication related problems in order of priority and develop a plan to resolve those problems.

This helps us ensure patients achieve the intended therapeutic results from their medication therapy.

Medication Action Plans

The medication related action plan is a document created by the Pharmacist for an individual patient that lists items patients can act on to help make managing each medication easier.

Private Medication Consultations

In a private medication consultation, our patients control the conversation. This is the opportunity for Pharmacists at Soda City Pharmacy & Compounding to just be quiet and listen to our patients. Before we make any suggestions or recommendations, we make sure we understand what our patients are telling us. 

Targeted Medication Reviews

A targeted medication review is used to address an actual medication-related problem. Once a medication related problem is identified, the Pharmacist intervenes to relay information and details to the patient and physician and other healthcare professionals as appropriate. 

young woman getting flu shot


In compliance with the Protocol for Administration of Vaccines by Pharmacists in South Carolina, we can offer a variety of FDA approved formulations of vaccines. For example, Influenza, Pneumococcal, Tetanus, Covid-19, etc. Please call the pharmacy for more details about our immunization service at (803)766-2015

Medication Adherence Packaging

Medication adherence packaging is a service that we can provide to help patients keep their medication regimens organized. We can place all medications a patient takes into one package. Medications can be organized by dose, days of the week, and time of the day. This helps patients take the right drug and the right time. 

Medication Synchronization (Med Sync)

Med-sync is a service in which the pharmacy can coordinate your refills so that you can pick all your prescriptions up on a single day each month to avoid unnecessary trips to the pharmacy.

Medication Flavoring

Medication flavoring allows us to cover up the unpleasant taste of medications with flavors that taste a lot better. In many cases we can cover up a bitter taste or metallic taste with a bubblegum or strawberry or mango flavor, etc. 

Narcan Dispensing Program

The South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners and The South Carolina Board of Pharmacy’s joint protocol authorizes any pharmacist practicing in the State of South Carolina and licensed by the South Carolina Board of Pharmacy to dispense Naloxone to persons without a prescription who voluntarily request Naloxone and are at risk of experiencing opioid-related overdose or to the caregiver of a person at risk of experiencing an opioid overdose.

Over-the-Counter Medications /Vitamins & Supplements

We offer a wide selection of high quality, top of the line brand name and private label over-the-counter products, to include cough and cold, first aid, vitamins and supplements. We can even special order items sold over-the-counter. 

drive through prescription pick up


With 2 lanes our fast and friendly full-service drive thru provides easy and convenient access from St. Andrews Rd. Use our drive thru to purchase all of your medication needs without having to get out of your car.


Compounding is a service that enables us to safely combine one active ingredient or two or more medications into a dosage form that meets the specific needs of an individual patient according to a prescription written by an authorized prescriber when commercially packaged products are not available.

For more information on our compounding service please call the pharmacy at (803)766-2015.

340B Drug Discount Program (Participating Covered Entities)

Under section 340B of The Public Health Services Act, the federal government (HHS, HRSA, OPA) and some drug manufacturers agree to offer certain medications at significantly discounted prices to eligible covered entities in the community who serve the patients who need it the most. Soda City Pharmacy & Compounding seeks to form strong relationships with those eligible covered entities in the community to make those medications available to those patients who meet the eligibility requirements. 

Refill Reminders

Our software system enables us to set refill reminders for our patients. Medication refill reminders are a great way for us to remain on schedule during all the other things we have to balance in our busy daily lives. 

RxLocal App (Refills Only)

The Rx Local App makes it easy to message our pharmacy, refill prescriptions, and manage your entire family’s medication. Please call the pharmacy for more information about the RX Local App service at (803)766-2015

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